Tale of The Nine-Tailed Review

Contains spoilers.


Tale of The Nine-Tailed. I personally like to call it ‘Inuyasha’s live-action adaptation’. Because the story and the characters are exactly the same. The story begins when a gumiho is in love with humans. However, they are trapped in tragedy and cannot…

Cerita ini saya dengar ketika acara tahlilan malam ketujuh untuk alm. KH. Ahmad Basyir AS yang diselenggarakan IAA Jogja, tepatnya saat sesi ramah tamah. Ditutur oleh Cak Maulidi, yang sanadnya langsung dari guru beliau (saya lupa nama guru beliau), bahwasanya kita perlu memikirkan planning dalam menjalani hidup. …


I am an organizatorist. But this like a bullshit word haha. Cause I just learn a little and growth higher as I can.

I wanna share, little, about responsible in organization. A litte. Its an important think. Very important.

Organization grow because there is a team work. And a team can coordinate each other because responsibility.

But every person have different meaning about responsibility. And that’s can be a problem for long tomorrow.

So, the precise thing is give a comprehension about responsibility and what’s is responsible.

Example, you are a master of ceremony. So you must do your work.

That’s called by responsible.



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